Hold The Phone: Chris Webber Thinks He Knows What These Girls Are Texting

  • Tom Lorenzo

NBA analyst Chris Webber can’t seem to wrap his head around what this guy is doing sitting at the Hawks-Pacers game tonight in Indiana using an old school house phone, which doesn’t seem to be wired into anything, while two girls sit next to him texting in a more “traditional” cellular fashion. It’s just a sight that, well, doesn’t seem to make much sense to ol’ C-Webb. I believe the douches kids call it peacocking.

You have to love how C-Webb just couldn’t let it go. He just had to keep going back to talking about this guy on the phone. And with good reason, I suppose. No one seems to know whether or not that’s a workable phone or whether he’s just… frontin’. Leave it to Webber to ask the most pressing questions.

UPDATED: And leave Web to get his own red phone FTW.

Video and photos via CJ Fogler