Cleveland Is Really Good At Being Really Bad At Deciding Who To Draft

  • Eric Goldschein

dan gilbertFun times in Cleveland again. The city best known as America’s worst sports town once again finds itself in the national crosshairs with the NBA Draft fast approaching. The Cavaliers, the somehow-owners of the number one pick, must decide who’s worthy of the honor of carrying the entire weight of the doomed city on his shoulders for four years until he leaves for a bigger market.

It’s not an easy choice. Now that Joel Embiid is out of the running as the surefire number one, it’s basically down to Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker (or a trade). According to Chad Ford of ESPN, the Cavs still haven’t decided who to choose:

With only one day remaining until the NBA draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ ownership and front office remain torn on whether to select Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker with the top overall pick, multiple sources told

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert favors drafting Wiggins with the No. 1 pick after the former Kansas star’s terrific workout last Wednesday, according to multiple sources.

However, the majority of the Cavs’ front office — including new general manager David Griffin — is leaning toward selecting Parker, sources said…

A year ago, Gilbert allowed his front office and new head coach Mike Brown to make the call, and they chose Anthony Bennett with the top pick. Bennett struggled as a rookie, averaging just 4.2 points and 3.0 rebounds per game last season.

“After what happened last year, he may choose to make the call himself,” one source close to the situation told

The owner wants one guy while the guys who are in charge of exactly this kind of thing want someone else? Sounds oddly similar to when the Cleveland Browns reportedly clashed over whether to draft Johnny Manziel.

A word to owners: There’s a reason your title is not “Owner/GM.” Let the guys who you hired do the thing you hired them to do. If you don’t like how they’re doing, you should hire someone else. Like, maybe a homeless guy. Spread that wealth around a little.

UPDATE: Dan Gilbert refutes the report:


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