Cleveland Woman Will Actually Name Her Child After Dirk Nowitzki

  • Alexandra Kuczynski-Brown

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Pregnant Cleveland radio host Cherise Navidad, who maintains that LeBron James‘ one-hour “Decision” special on ESPN was “such a cruel thing to do,” has found a way to exact some revenge: she plans to name her second-born child after Dirk Nowitzki, the MVP of the team that took down LBJ and co.

The idea came to her as she was watching the Mavericks fall behind in Game 6 of last week’s NBA Finals.

Like most Americans, Navidad saw the need to share her commitment with the Twittersphere, tweeting that she would name her unborn son after the Dallas Mavericks‘ forward if they won, adding the hashtag #cavsformavs.

The “binding contract” as she referred to it (click here to see the original tweet) spread like wildfire to her 400-plus followers, who naturally had mixed reactions to the impulsive proclamation.

You know the rest: the Mavs staged a comeback, Nowitzki was named MVP and the soon-to-be member of the Navidad clan had a name — or at least, part of a name. As Cherise told the Daily News, although her husband technically gets to name this baby since she named their first, she still intends to make good on her promise, even if it’s just by making the child’s middle name Dirk.

She said the best part of it all will be explaining to her son why he’s named after a Dallas Mavericks star.

Now, while we certainly appreciate such displays of loyalty, there are a lot more unconventional athlete names out there than “Dirk.” Let us know when someone decides to name their kid after Boston Bruins back-up goaltender “Tuukka Rask” — not for anything he did during the Stanley Cup Finals, but because this has got to be one of the best fan blogs we’ve ever seen.

[Darren Rovell]