Here’s The Iffy Foul That Has The City Of Boston Losing Its Mind This Morning

  • Eric Goldschein

With 10 seconds remaining in Game 2, the Sixers were clinging to an unlikely three point lead. The Celtics inbounded the ball, put their play into motion, and suddenly a whistle blew. Okay, a foul, that makes sense. Wait… an offensive foul? On… Kevin Garnett? Game… basically over? Yes: the Celtics went on to lose by one point. Womp womp.

Here’s video of the foul, which came much to the surprise of announcers Dick Stockton and Chris Webber, and to the chagrin of every Celtics fan the world over:

Regardless of the foul’s merit, it was certainly an unexpected call. You rarely see offensive fouls of the moving screen variety called in crunch time. But yeah: that was, by the letter of the law, a foul. If you don’t call that, Pierce has an unearned, wide-open look at the basket, and The Truth knows how to knock those down.

Of course, this is all hypothetical. If the foul wasn’t called, maybe Pierce comes off the screen, misses the three, and Boston loses anyway. But regardless, Boston fans are probably none too happy with the inconsistency.

We’ll see what kind of breaks the Sixers will catch in Game 3, which is in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

h/t ProBasketballTalk