The New Members Of The New Orleans Hornets Look Really Happy To Be There

  • Glenn Davis

Remember how Kendrick Perkins got traded from the Celtics to the Thunder, and he was really sad, there was a picture of him posing in a Thunder jersey looking really sad, and it turned into a meme? Well, we might have a new one on our hands. As you know, the Clippers recently acquired Chris Paul from the Hornets, and most of the focus has been on the joy the Clippers felt upon landing one of the great point guards to play the game. But there was another side: the side of Al-Farouq Aminu, Eric Gordon, and Chris Kaman, who went from L.A. to the Hornets. How did they feel?

That’s begging to be meme-ified, no? Gordon looks the happiest, we guess, but only by default. No one looks happy to be there by a long shot. But maybe they’ll warm up to it in time. Perkins signed an extension with Oklahoma City not long after getting dealt there, and Gordon and Kaman yukked it up in their new Hornets garb quickly enough. So there’s still a chance this will all end well. But we wouldn’t blame the guys for feeling bad on their way out – and we definitely wouldn’t give them Lob City t-shirts to make them feel better.

[h/t, photo via Reddit]