After Watching This, We Demand All Basketball Games Come With Cheeky British Commentary

  • Glenn Davis

Let’s face it – the Spurs-Clippers series hasn’t provided much drama thus far. The Spurs have won both games going away, and generally look like the way better team. So if the real series doesn’t offer any excitement, why not do the next best thing and simulate a Spurs-Clippers game with NBA 2K12? And while you’re at it, why not provide commentary on the simulated game with a wisecracking British man who calls the Clippers the “Clappers” and Los Angeles residents “animals”? The following video is from CPUvCPU, which describes its mission statement as “mak[ing] funny videos with sports games.” And after watching the following, we can only say, “Mission accomplished”:

Caron Butler = “Gerard Butler.” Kenyon Martin = “Chris Martin.” “Bacontown”: a place we want to visit. And Chris Paul as a “little basketball baby”? The Clippers are way ahead of you on that one, man. But these guys at least deserve an MST3K-type show to provide commentary on real as well as fake games. And what we wouldn’t have given to see them working Bobcats games this past year.