Craig Sager’s Horrible Sense Of Style Is Apparently Not A Bit

  • Joe Levine

Craig Sager was spotted at a bar in Kansas City Friday night. That’s not news. What’s news is the startling realization that Sager’s wardrobe when he’s off the clock is not all that different than his on-the-air style.

Here is the photo that confirms that Sager’s sense of style is, uh, questionable at best.

What is that sweater, Craig? What are you doing, dawg? I know you have a wife and kids. Are they letting you out of the house like that? Are you keeping a box full of Craig-wear in the trunk of your car for a quick change on the way out? I need some kind of explanation because I know my girlfriend would not let me go out in public looking like Homey The Clown.

Craig, we love you, you have somehow become an NBA staple, but… Come on, Craig. I think it’s time you took some old advice from your pal Kevin Garnett and applied it to your entire wardrobe because it’s finally too much.

[Big Lead Sports]