D-Wade Gets Bored During Playoffs, Takes A Girl To Prom

  • Jake O'Donnell

These stories are weird. Even when a female celebrity takes a dorky guy to prom, it’s weird. Less weird, but weird nonetheless. Imagine what people would say if someone like J.R. Smith did this? Not to be a hater — I’m sure D-Wade made this the best night ever for everyone in attendance and that’s awesome — it just strikes me as odd that he’d go with such a normal seeming girl. Like, um, dude, her life was fine.

Go with someone who needs a date.

Like, Kate Upton went with some dorky guy. Because the point of celebs reaching out to high school seniors is that, despite being a “less than perfect,” you can still “shine”, or something to that effect.

Once again, Wade wasn’t doing anything wrong — he just kind of missed the point. It’s like going to a children’s hospital to visit a kid with a splinter.

In regards to the 2013 NBA Playoffs, this is further proof that the Miami Heat are in cruise control.

Photo via Dwayne Wade’s Instagram