Dan Gilbert’s Final Middle Finger To LeBron: Cutting His Fathead Price

  • Dan Fogarty

As a last “eff you” to the departing LeBron James, Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has cut the price of James’ Fathead poster from $99.99 to a clearance price of $17.41, which, not-so-coincidentally, is the year that Benedict Arnold was born.

Fathead is owned by Gilbert (hence his ability to cut the price) and this latest stunt is quite petty. Much like his now famous open letter to Cavs fans, it makes Gilbert look like a “high school ex-girlfriend,” the main point of criticism he’s faced on sports talk radio shows throughout the country.

But besides making Gilbert look unhinged, there’s a certain rabid fanboyism in what he’s doing. Even though the rest of the country is appalled (and very amused) by his actions, he’s no doubt endearing himself to a fanbase that is very much in danger of becoming disillusioned. Gilbert probably should have toned down his crazy-person Comic Sans musings, but for him to have been passive would have been much worse.

[h/t Lex Kuhne’s Twitter]