(Former?) Cleveland Cavalier Daniel Gibson Has The Most Random Trophy Room Ever

  • Eric Goldschein

Currently an NBA free agent, Daniel “Booby” Gibson may be on his way out of Cleveland for the first time in his career. You know what that means: time to sell the house. His Westlake, Ohio property is listed at $1.1 million and includes five bedrooms, six bathrooms and something called a “water softener.” Sadly, the weirdest room of all — Gibson’s trophy room — will likely not be included in the sale.

What does Gibson consider worthy of his trophy room? Only the most random set of NBA player jerseys, a bejeweled, crystal-looking basketball and a cardboard cut-out of himself:

daniel gibson's trophy room

Gibson keeps the jerseys of… LaMarcus Aldridge? T.J. Ford? Chauncey Billups? What appears to be Charles Barkley from Team USA (or is it Blake Griffin)? The first two sort of make sense as fellow Texas Longhorns. But then is it a Big-12 thing with Billups? Is it a Big-12 thing plus an SEC thing for Sir Charles? The fifth, unidentifiable jersey may provide a clue to the real pattern here, which remains unknown.

And what is that glittery basketball from? And who keeps a cardboard cutout of themselves around? Does he use it as a mirror — a mirror that only works when he is wearing a full Cavs outfit and holding a basketball? Also, he’s been there for years… can he get around to finding a spot for that loose basketball and framed photo on the floor? This is guy needs an interior decorator (and/or a friend to say, “Why are you hanging that up? T.J. Ford sucks.”) for his next pad, wherever that may be.