Daryl Morey Did Not Have A Good Fantasy Football Season

  • Joe Levine

The Moreys had a very mixed fantasy football season. On the one hand, Mrs. Morey went undefeated and is potentially on her way to a league championship. But on the other hand, Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey begged, borrowed, and stole his way to 45 roster moves and a tied-for-last-place finish.

To Morey’s credit, he has a sense of humor about his failure of a fantasy football season. And to his credit, his team did score the third most points in the league this year. But luck was apparently not on his side as his opposition scored the most points against him on the season.

Good thing this doesn’t apply to real life, where the Houston Rockets finished 34-32 last season, got rid of everyone except for three players, and are currently 11-11 this season. Oh wait…