The Worst And Best Of DeAndre Jordan, In Two Videos

  • Glenn Davis

The Clippers had a good night last night. Like, really good. Like, “blowing out the Lakers 125-101, further pushing the Lakers’ season off a cliff and elevating the Clippers to West title contender status” good. So good, in fact, that they can look back and laugh off… whatever this free throw attempt from DeAndre Jordan was:

And, in fairness to Jordan, part of the reason the Clips can laugh about it is because he did a lot of good stuff, too. Yeah, he struggled at the line even apart from the above hilarity (3-for-6 overall), but he also posted 11 points, 12 rebounds, and two blocks in 30 minutes of action, and did it with help from plays like this:

And that’s why you live with free throw attempts like that – even with Dwight Howard at less than 100 percent, rendering him as useless as Jordan did there is no small feat. Having two big men with the type of athleticism Blake Griffin and Jordan have is something just about every other team in the league has to envy. Free throws are a definite issue (going 3-for-6 actually means Jordan bettered his season average of 43 percent at the line), but with the Clippers sitting at 39-17, the good comfortably outweighs the bad.