DeAndre Jordan Is Amazed

  • Glenn Davis

Hey DeAndre, did you hear that astronomers discovered a “Super-Earth” planet 42 light years away that’s the right distance from its star to potentially sustain life?

I know, could be nothing and we’ll never know for sure, but pretty cool, right? Hey, here’s something else for you – check this thing out. The harp sponge. That is a real living creature.

I thought the same thing. And there’s more where that came from: check out this list of weird fish.

Yeah, freaky stuff. And hey, get a load of this: you hear Joe Biden’s gonna have a cameo on Parks and Recreation?

I have high hopes for it too. Say, what first made you decide to start making that face so much?

Ah. Got it. Switching gears for a second, though: what’d you think of Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie?