Dear Charlotte Bobcats: Please, For The Love Of God, Win One More Game For This Man

  • Eric Goldschein

Poor Paul Silas. All he wants to do is win one more game, so his team won’t go down as the worst, winning percentage-wise, in NBA history. In this post-game press conference after last night’s loss to the Kings, Silas describes what it’s like to helm a team that considers Gerald Henderson its go-to player.

First, a recap of who Paul Silas is, besides the head coach of the Bobcats. As a player, Silas was a three-time NBA champion (two with the Celtics, one with the SuperSonics Thunder okay yeah SuperSonics), a two-time All-Star, and a defensive and rebounding stalwart who once averaged over 20 boards a game in college. So, suffice to say, he isn’t used to sucking. Sure, he was the coach of the Cavaliers, Clippers and Hornets at various times, but the level of suckitude has never reached the heights that the Bobcats are accomplishing this year.

Here’s the video of Silas breaking down the team’s loss and their outlook going forward Sunday night. Things to note: his lowered head, his fidgeting fingers, his tendency of laughing at something before quickly realizing the gravity of the situation and becoming morose again, and other signs of general unhappiness (video via Jack Moore of Buzzfeed).

Between the cliches (“I’m going to do my job, and you’re going to do yours”), the broken body language, and the one heart-breaking line near the end (“I want to win another game… at least”), this tells you everything you need to know about Paul Silas right now. He looks damn miserable.

So, Charlotte, can’t you find a way to win one more game? You play the Wizards, Magic and Knicks over the last three games. You’ve even beaten the Magic and Knicks already this season (which, by the way, huh?), so it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine you maybe pulling that off.

Between Silas and owner Michael Jordan, this has to be the most confusing pairing of successful people in charge/unsuccessful people on the history of basketball. It’s hard to imagine Jordan feeling much happier than his coach at this point — though at least he doesn’t have to sit on the bench every night. Or fight Tyrus Thomas, when that becomes necessary.