Dear J.R. Smith, We’d Like You To Buy This Romanian Rescue Vehicle Because We Think You’d Like It

  • Jake O'Donnell

Hi Earl, you may not know us, but we’re one of your biggest supporters in the sports media world. Most of us here at SportsGrid are some sort of Knicks fan, and we’re all fans of dope ass rides. After it was revealed by the New York Post that you drive a Gurkha F-5 paramilitary vehicle to brunches in the Meat Packing District, we’ve been on the look out for the ideal tank-car for you purchase, and take on a Sunday drive to Chelsea Market for tea, or whatever.

And we think we’ve found it. Enter the Ghe-O Rescue.

[Via Wired] Depending on the build, the Rescue can be customized for fire-fighting, medical support, or simply transporting 11 people across whatever hellish terrain you throw at it. To combat fires, the 3.2-ton Rescue can hold hold nearly 200 gallons of water, along with all the assorted pumps and hoses. If it needs to cross a small lake on the way, it can be fitted with pneumatic pillows at each wheel to power-float its way into the action, while tank-style tracks can be mounted in place of the rear tires for blasting through snow.

This way, you can make it back to the Garden for those pesky Sunday 1:00PM games, no matter where you end up after a wild Saturday night (stranded in the mountains, on an iceberg, inside a burning house, floating down a river, etc.) Plus, you’ll look cool.

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