DeMarcus Cousins Delivers Grown Man Posterization Worthy Of The Hype

  • Joe Levine

No seven-footers dunking on point guards here. This is a grown man dunking on another grown man.

Let’s be real for a minute. Although the recent monster jams by Deandre Jordan and LeBron James were nice, they were on tiny point guards. The level of difficulty on those would’ve been higher if they had dunked over a chair.

What DeMarcus Cousins did last night to fellow seven-footer Anthony Randolph, though. That’s worth your time, your hype, your GIFs, your everything else.

Granted, Randolph doesn’t exactly contest the shot. But for Cousins to have the guts to go in on another big man like that is worth something. It’s not KJ dunking on Dream or Jordan/Pippen throwing it down on Patrick Ewing in the playoffs, but it’s not bad.

[Busted Coverage]