DeMarcus Cousins Was Ejected Last Night For Calling A Male Referee A “F—ing Female”

  • Dylan Murphy

At halftime of the Sacramento Kings’ loss to the Utah Jazz, DeMarcus Cousins was ejected for chirping at referee Scott Foster. Only moments earlier with 2:23 left in the first half, Cousins earned his first technical foul of the night for jabbering on about a missed foul call. At halftime, Cousins approached Foster and tried to reason with him, except Foster wasn’t having any of it. The next thing we knew Cousins had been ejected and the Kings were on their way to another loss.

So what did he say, exactly?

Cousins admitted as such after the game:

Via Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee:

“‘Before that, (the referees) tell us if you have a problem with them, come talk to them. They give us permission to do that. I tried to wait until the play was over. I waited until the play stopped, I went up to the ref…he kept telling me, ‘Don’t talk to me, don’t talk to me, I don’t want to talk to you.’ So I waited until halftime. He said the same thing…he was saying, ‘Don’t talk to me.’ So my response was, ‘You don’t have to act like an effing female.’ I shouldn’t have said that. That’s about it.'”

There’s also video of the moment of ejection, and you can actually lip read the moment DeMarcus Cousins says “fucking female.”

Now, it’s worth noting that the NBA does have female officials – Violet Palmer has been around since 1997, and Lauren Holtkamp and Brenda Pantoja were added last year from the D-League on assignment. Not that Cousins was particularly cognizant of this fact in a moment of frustration, but we have to take issues with his words on more than gender-discriminating grounds: According to Covers, the home team has maintained a positive margin of victory in games officiated by Foster since ’97-’98. Meanwhile, two out of three female officials (Holtkamp and Pantoja) actually have a significant differential in favor of the road team in the seven games they’ve officiated this season. For Holtkamp, the road team has averaged a victory by 11.3 points, and for Patoja the road team wins by 1.2 points per contest. The Kings were on the road against the Jazz last night, so Foster acting more like a “fucking female” wouldn’t have been so bad a thing.