DeMarcus Cousins Fouls Out, Makes Cameo As Sacramento Kings’ Coach

  • CJ Fogler

DeMarcus Cousins leads the NBA in fouls, and after fouling out tonight late in the game against the Memphis Grizzlies, he borrowed Keith Smart’s suitcoat and coached. Sort of.

Yeah, he didn’t do much but clap and dress up a little bit, but it’s a great example of how much better things are working out with Keith Smart taking over as head coach from Paul Westphal. Westphal had a number of issues with Cousins’ immaturity, and benched him earlier in the year – which turned out to be the catalyst for his firing. This really shows the bond that’s developed between them, and Cousins is playing all the better for it.

Thanks to Holly MacKenzie for the heads-up and @OutsideTheNBA for the video.