DeMarcus Cousins Reacts To Durant As A Warrior

  • Jake O'Donnell

The perspective of an NBA player couldn’t be any different than our perspective as fans, but when it comes to tectonic shifts in free agency, sometimes it’s hard for these guys to not look on in awe. Enter DeMarcus Cousins, who watched Kevin Durant score 25 points in as many minutes on 8 of 11 shooting as a Golden State Warrior against the Kings. Judging by Boogie’s reaction to the media frenzy in the tunnel afterwards, he’s just as exasperated with K.D.’s career decision as the rest of us. It’s almost as if he needed to see it to believe the league’s second best scorer had joined forces with the league’s best scorer.

Let us translate his facial expression for you: “How the hell are you gonna do this to the rest of us?”

This is the same face you’d make if your best friend introduced you to their new decrepit billionaire fianceé. Like, really — you’re gonna do this dude? It’s like that?

A peek into how the rest of the league **actually** feels about the most prolific free agent signing in NBA history, below…


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