Dennis Rodman Allegedly Peed And Pooped In A North Korean Hallway, Among Other Things

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Dennis RodmanThe latest Dennis Rodman news was sad and completely unexpected — he went to rehab. As our own Rick Chandler remarked, “Your usual room, sir?”

The Daily Mail has more sad/funny/vile Rodman news, and while getting news from a British tabloid that’s quoting a North Korean news source probably isn’t the best idea, it’s too ridiculous to ignore.

Hotel staffers in North Korea have revealed that Dennis Rodman was drunk, uncontrollable and destructive during one of his recent trips to North Korea.


‘Rodman was drunk the whole week of his stay. And the night before he left for the U.S., he was drunk unconscious, and vomited everywhere he turned. He even urinated and emptied the bowels in the hallway,’ a source told Free North Korea Radio.

“The stench was just horrible.”

Supposedly he’s not allowed back… until he completes rehab. Upon his arrival, which was right around Kim Jong Un’s birthday, he was presented with a personalized bottle of vodka decorated with pictures of the dictator and the Worm.

And then Dennis Rodman said this.

‘I would do anything … if they said, “We’ll take Dennis Rodman and we’ll let Kenneth Bae go,” you know what? I’d do that, straight ahead. Take me. I would do that.’

I’d like to see the American people vote on that.

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