Dennis Rodman Tweeted At Kim Jong-un, Asking Him To Free An American Sentenced To Hard Labor In North Korea

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Kenneth Bae is a Korean-American man who was recently sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea. It’s bad enough to be sentenced to one year of hard labor or one year of living and doing soft labor in North Korea, so this is probably even more despicable than it sounds, if that’s possible.

So, the world’s best diplomat at boxing out, Dennis Rodman, is trying to help.

The strange thing is, this probably is our best hope. Seriously. It sounds ridiculous that Twitter and Dennis Rodman could force global justice from North Korea, but in a world where Dennis Rodman exists at all, anything is possible. No global problem is unsolvable and no material is unwearable, while “The Worm” patrols Earth.


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