There Were Two Great NBA Buzzer-Beaters Last Night

  • Tom Lorenzo

It was one of those special nights in the NBA where we got not one, but two buzzer-beaters. The first came by way of a 3-pointer by the hapless New Jersey Nets, courtesy of Jordan Farmar, to beat the Los Angeles Clippers. The other came via Derrick Rose as time was expiring to beat the Milwaukee Bucks. So, now we ask, which buzzer-beater was better?

The case for the Farmar beater was that this was, well, a three-pointer to give the send the New Jersey Nets a much-needed win over the Los Angeles Clippers. Again, the Nets beat the Clippers. Hard not to give Farmar the nod just because it resulted in a Nets win. Those don’t happen all that often. Watch:

The case for the Rose game-winner is, well, he just totally single-handidly broke down the Bucks defense and hit a clutch jumper. However, it was to beat the Bucks. Yawn, right?

So, what say you, Internet? Which beater was better?

[Rose video via The Big Lead]