At Least Derrick Rose Will Always Have This Vicious Dunk Over Joel Anthony

  • Glenn Davis

Unless things turn around in a big way, and quickly, these playoffs won’t put the capper Derrick Rose undoubtedly wanted on his MVP season. Sure, a run to the conference finals is a fine effort, and Rose is putting up averages of over 27 points and nearly eight assists per game in the postseason, but he’s barely shooting 40 percent from the field while doing it – and well under 40 percent in two of the Bulls’ three series so far.

Last night’s 101-93 loss to the Heat, which put the Bulls on the brink of elimination, typified Rose’s shooting struggles. His raw numbers looked fine – 23 points, six assists, two steals – but he only shot 8-for-27 (and 1-for-9 from three) and had seven turnovers as well, so it wasn’t an efficient night. Well, except for this. Keep in mind – Rose is 6-3. Joel Anthony is 6-9:

Even when Rose doesn’t have his A game, he can still do that. And it’s the ability to do such ridiculous things that makes us confident that even should this series end in disappointment for Rose and the Bulls, they’ll be back, and leaving us gaping in awe a few times along the way.

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