Watch Out, Chicago: Derrick Rose Is Healthy And Single, Now That He Split Up With His Fiancée

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Derrick Rose Girlfriend

Derrick Rose is back from his torn ACL. He’s ready to play. He’s also ready to mingle, newly single, after splitting up with his “longtime girlfriend/fiancée, Mieka Reese.

The couple was allegedly going through a rough patch for a while, and Reese has reportedly moved out of the home they shared in the Trump Tower in Chicago.

Reese announced the couple’s separation on Instagram Sunday, and also posted a picture of her and Rose’s 1-year old son with a note attached that reads:

“PJ is the center of my life now and Derrick and I work together to co-parent for him. No Derrick and I are not in a relationship anymore but our friendship has always been there and will continue to grow. Even if our only purpose in life was to create our son, I’m fine with that.. My son is the greatest gift I could’ve asked for… Happy Sunday!”

Lovely. Really.

But you know what’s not lovely? Life for Chicago bachelors. Or life for anyone in any city in which the Chicago Bulls play on the road. The competition just got fierce, and Derrick Rose is about to conquer it. You saw that comeback video, right? You thought that was about basketball? It wasn’t. It was a metaphor for how he would perform like a star when returning to the singles market.

Thunderous dunks are as likely as successful flirting and intimate conversation.

I’m not sure which celebrities live in Chicago, but they better watch out. I think Oprah does. I’m sure Michelle Obama goes there sometimes. Shoot for the stars, Derrick.

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