Has A Professional Basketball Player Ever Missed A Free Throw By More Than This?

  • Glenn Davis

To say Bobcats center DeSagana Diop isn’t an offensive threat would be an understatement. He’s averaging 1.1 points per game in about 12 minutes a contest for Charlotte this season (he’s averaging two per night over his decade-long NBA career). His career single-game high: 10. He doesn’t shoot much, and when he does, he’s not especially accurate – he’s shooting 43 percent from the field for his career, and 47.1 percent from the line. And this season has been worse than usual – thus far, he’s made only 6 of 23 shots.

No amount of facts and figures, though, could have prepared us for what Diop did at the line during the third quarter of the Bobcats’ 102-99 loss to the Wizards last night. Diop had a Diopian game on the offensive end – 0-4 shooting and 1-4 on free throws for one point – but when you see the video below, the wonder will be the he made one of those four from the charity stripe:

We understand embarrassing free throw misses happen to even the best of players, but that? That could redefine the “airballed free throw” genre. Even for a guy who clearly has a limited offensive arsenal, that was something else. Well, at least he put some arc on the shot, so that’s…something.

[The Hoop Scene]