Did David Kahn Really Try To Lure Coach K To Minnesota?

  • Ben Axelrod

In the Summer of 2004, the Los Angeles Lakers were searching for a new head coach after Phil Jackson retired following a season in which the Lakers were shocked in the NBA Finals by the Detroit Pistons.

The No. 1 candidate on the Lakers’ list of replacements for The Zen Master was Duke coach Mike Krzyewski, and despite the fact that they possessed a 25-year-old Kobe Bryant and were the defending Western Conference champions, Coach K ultimately passed on the opportunity to make the jump to the NBA.

So if Krzyewski turned down the chance to coach an already established superstar on what seemed to be a lock to be title contender seven years ago, it’s safe to assume that nobody would think that he has any interest in leaving Duke now to become the coach of the worst team in a league with an uncertain future, right?

Well, nobody except for Minnesota Timberwolves G.M. David Kahn that is.

According to the New York Daily News, Kahn made a run at Coach K to fill the vacant coaching void that soon-t0-be fired Wolves coach Kurt Rambis will leave. Not surprisingly, Kahn was apparently shut down faster than a band geek asking a cheerleader to prom.

It’s unclear as to what Kahn thought the appeal of Minnesota’s roster would be to one of the best basketball coaches of all-time. The Wolves best player, Kevin Love, is coming off of a season where he just won the NBA’s Most Improved Player of the Year award mostly thanks to inflated rebounding numbers from being on a bad team, and the team is going all in with the hopes that rookie point guard Ricky Rubio will be better than the 6.5 points and 3.5 assist averages that he put up in Spain last season.

Then again, this is a G.M. who’s better known as a punchline in Bill Simmons columns than he is for building anything that looks like it’ll be a winner in the next five years. Kahhhhnnnnnnnn.