Did Matt Barnes Just Choke A Woman On A Sunday Night At The Club?

Did Matt Barnes Just Choke A Woman On A Sunday Night At The Club?
  • Jake O'Donnell

Clubbing on Sunday night is generally reserved for elite ravers and rich douches with nothing else to do, so basically, people with some serious issues. But when you work in Sacramento, it’s hard to pass up New York City nightlife when you get the chance, even if that means getting your party on while the rest of the universe is recuperating in bed watching TV. When you work for the 2016 Sacramento Kings, however, it’s even more understandable why you’d want to drown your sorrows in tequila after yet another disappointing outing.

That being said, Matt Barnes has some serious issues, and, as it turns out, hit the club following the Kings’ 106-98 loss to the Knicks — a game in which they erased a 21-point lead in the fourth quarter. Sure enough, trouble found him

Via The New York Daily News

The NYPD received a call after midnight about a man assaulting two women and a man.

Police sources said an argument between Barnes and an unnamed 26-year-old woman who was sitting at a table inside the club escalated and the NBA player allegedly put his hands around her neck. Barnes then threw punches at a man and woman trying to intervene before he fled the scene. Cops added they are unclear of what caused the incident.

Yes, Matt “physical confrontations are kinda my thing” Barnes is being accused of participating in a fight that may or may not have involved getting aggressive with a woman’s neck. Crazy, we know. But what’s even weirder about this, is that Barnes had just been reminded of his history with violent outbursts by 20,000 people at Madison Square Garden crowd, so it’s not like he went out Sunday thinking he had a free pass to assault someone.

The guy clearly does not give a rat’s ass about his future in the NBA — or the well-being of those around him, for that matter — seeing as he’s willfully ignoring the thin ice on which he now skates.

“Matt hit the shit out this ni***!” DeMarcus Cousins can be heard saying in a video taken outside Avenue (where the apparent brawl is said to have taken place), which explains why the NYPD is reportedly looking for Mr. Barnes.

Is this his last strike? Even if the claim that he choked a woman turns out to have been entirely made up, it’s hard to imagine why the Kings would still want him on their roster, because it’s not like he’s helping…on the court or off it.

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