DID YOU KNOW: NBA Players Suck At Drawing

  • Jake O'Donnell

TSN’s version of Ahmad Rashad did some rather unique investigative journalism. Between Kyle Lowry, Kevin Love, Paul George, and Brandon Knight, which NBA player is the absolute worst at drawing?

Answer: Kyle Lowry. Hands down. He’s operating at a sub 8-year-old level.

We will say, however, that Kevin Love put the most time/effort into his self-portrait, which may qualify him as the least efficient artist of the bunch, seeing as he managed to draw the lettering on his jersey, but leave out his ear right ear.

Perhaps an homáge to Van Gogh?

Eh, probably just sucks at drawing — though we wouldn’t be surprised if some weirdo shelled out mega bucks for any one of these god awful pieces of crap. C’es la vie, right?

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Screencaps via YouTube