Did You Know That You’re An NBA Free Agent, And Can Sign With Any Team? Yes, You, Drunk Guy On Reddit, Or Anyone Reading This

  • Eric Goldschein

You’re an NBA free agent, reader. So am I. So is the dude who sold me a coffee this morning. So is your mother. So is Tiger Woods. And speaking of Tiger Woods, we have a drunk guy on the Internet to thank for this common sense discovery. He wrote the NBA a few weeks ago seeking eligibility for this year’s NBA Draft. And the NBA actually responded, with useful information.

According to our intrepid Reddit user, he decided to write to the NBA “after a few drinks” (which is when all good decisions are made) and declare himself eligible. For some reason, he chose to include information like “I am an upstanding young man,” which, as everybody knows, is not a requirement for becoming an NBA draft pick. Here’s the original letter.

He received this short but sweet response:

So, while this guy won’t make onto the official list of undrafted players in 2013, he seems to have discovered a societal loophole. Turns out, anyone who has been out of high school for one year can call themselves an NBA free agent. We must thank the NBA for providing this drunk man with such a helpful response.

I’m gonna go change my Twitter profile to reflect this discovery.

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