The Best Collection Of Photos From Dirk Nowitzki’s Crazy Night On The Town

  • Dan Fogarty

We told you earlier about how the Dallas Mavericks conquered Miami: first, on the court, and then, at the club. Now, as more information about their victory party trickles in, we can tell you, unequivocally, that Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki had more fun than anyone.

This set of photos, which comes courtesy of worldredeye (and they have many, many great photos from last night) via Marcel Murtoni, will be remembered for a very long time, both because of the people involved, and because of the emotion expressed: pure, unadulterated joy. Perhaps most importantly, they captured how Dirk Nowitzki, formerly labeled as a big soft man who couldn’t win the big one, is, right at this moment, the king of the world.

Party on, Dirk. Party on.


[mavericks take over liv] worldredye

[Headline image via @DameRights]