Dirk Nowitzki Marries Kenyan Wife In Traditional African Ceremony, And The Wedding Photos Are Spectacular

  • Dan Fogarty

If you could pick one NBA superstar to have a traditional African wedding, it would be Dirk Nowitzki, right? He’s 7-feet tall, so he stands out as it is. But when you throw in the fact that he’s a blonde-haired white guy who also happens to be 7-feet tall, and is also generally pretty awkward, and, by God, you’ve got a recipe for some fantastic traditional African wedding photos.

According to Newstime Africa, which has a quote from Dirk himself, the Benevolent German Giant wed half-Swedish, half-Kenyan girlfriend Jessica Olsson (who, as you may recall, became a bit of an internet star when she showed up on Dirk’s arm at the 2011 ESPYs) in a traditional Kikuyu ceremony.

We’re happy, because we get to see Dirk in traditional African garb. More importantly: Dirk’s happy. Most importantly: the bride’s happy. Photos, here.


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