LeBron Got A Technical For Flopping, Then Flipped The Hell Out About It (Video)

  • Dylan Murphy

Yeah, neither do we. As you can see in the video, LeBron James drives the lane and Gerald Henderson steps in to take a charge. Because his feet were still moving, a personal foul is called on Henderson, sending LeBron to the line for two shots. And then: BAM. Technical on LeBron.

Wait, what? LeBron goes to argue as Ray Allen pushes him away, but the real question is, what was the call? After the game, LeBron said the refs never told him what the technical was for, which should come as no surprise since it was a phantom call. Erik Spoelstra, meanwhile, lost his shit at this non-technical technical and found himself T’ed up as well. So let’s recap: LeBron James draws a foul on Gerald Henderson and earns two free throws, then gets T’ed up for no apparent reason. Then Erik Spoelstra gets T’ed up. Gerald Henderson hits both technical free throws, LeBron hits both shooting foul free throws.

Which is to say that all this hoopla added up to a whole lot of nothing. Except maybe some referee incompetence, but we’re well-versed in that anyway.

Ira Winderman, who covers the Miami Heat for the SunSentinel, finally received an explanation this morning:

If you can find the chest thrust, feel free to point it out.