Doc Rivers Said Bill Simmons Ruined The Broadcast Last Night And Blah Blah Blah Can This Be Over Now?

  • Eric Goldschein

So you’ve already seen Doc Rivers kinda sorta basically call Bill Simmons an idiot, and Bill Simmons act all upset about it, on ESPN last night. It all stemmed from Simmons saying that Rivers “quit” on the Celtics to go to the Clippers. It made for very awkward and unnecessary television, on a night supposedly dedicated to young kids fulfilling their dream of making it to the NBA.

So after Rivers called Simmons an idiot, and the Simmons did some more talking (not to Rivers’ face, of course), the new Clippers coach went on the Dan Patrick Show today to get yet another last word:

I want to start nitpicking about “ruining the broadcast,” because that broadcast was like nine hours long and a few weird exchanges could hardly ruin it, but that’s what got us here in the first place (see what I did there?). Between this back-and-forth, and Doc Rivers’ son getting in on the action, then Simmons continuing the passive-aggressiveness on Twitter…

Hey, guys. In the words of Brian Cashman: Shut the fuck up.

Doc, yeah, you bailed on the Celtics. Bill, Doc Rivers is a grown man who can do whatever he wants. Both of you, you look very stupid. Breakups are supposed to hurt. It means the time you had together meant something (if “being a well-known sportswriter who likes a team” and “being the coach of that team” means you were together). Go ahead and block each other on Facebook and Instagram, like every broken-hearted couple does, and stop broadcasting your hurt feelings across the Internet. It’s not cute.

Thank you.