Does LeBron James Owe Miami A Thank You For Two Championships?

  • Rick Chandler

You may have heard by now that the Cleveland Plain Dealer has turned down this ad — or an ad just like it — which was to be paid for by Dan Le Batard’s Miami radio station (via a Kickstarter campaign). The ad would have trolled LeBron James, whom Le Batard claims still owes Miami a big than you for his two championship rings.

But does he?

The Northeast Ohio Media Group, which is in charge of running advertisements in the Plain Dealer, turned down the ad. Le Batard acknowledged this on his show, The Ticket.

The show would have raised the money to buy the ad space through the online crowd-funding website Kickstarter.

“They have declined our money,” LeBatard said. “They do not want our money. They will not allow us to put our ad in the paper.”

The question: Exactly who should be thanking who? No, LeBron didn’t win any titles in his first stint in Cleveland. Then, two in four seasons with Miami. But didn’t he basically construct those teams?

And it would be hard for me to thank fans who were responsible for bailing on Game 6 of the 2013 Finals, only to try and return to the arena — banging on the glass doors — when the game went to overtime.

That was a shameful display — a fact that Le Batard himself acknowledged at the time.

So LeBron is supposed to say thank you to these folks?

Look, he probably will say thanks, in his own time. But I think your ad is just a publicity ploy, which radio stations are fond of.

Any more LeBron ad mock-ups? We’ll post ’em here if we find ’em.