Donald Sterling Gets The Saturday Night Live Treatment, With Special Character Witness 'Dennis Rodman'

  • Rick Chandler

Folks are raving about this SNL opening sketch from last night, and there are some great lines.

“My reputation has gotten a real black eye, which we all know is the worst kind of eye.”

“So this year Donald Sterling’s ‘Million Man Cruise’ will take thousands of black people on a wondrous journey to the Ivory Coast of Africa, never to come back.”

But overall, not one of their stronger writing efforts, in my opinion. Fake Dennis Rodman was a nice touch, though.

Meanwhile in real life, which with this story is always stranger than fiction, Sterling was supposed to appear with V. Stiviano for a Barbara Walters interview, but Sterling and Viviano had an argument in the elevator on the way there and Sterling canceled his appearance. New York Daily News:

One shocked guest at the hotel tells us they hopped onto an elevator with Sterling, 81, and Stiviano, 31, only to be caught in the middle of a one-sided scream-fest.

“He’s screaming at her in the elevator, ‘You’re a media whore!’ She sat there quiet and didn’t say a word,” our tipster says. “Then he looks at her and says, ‘Get off this f—ing elevator! Get off this elevator and shut the f— up!’”

She then did the interview, but he stormed out of the hotel, according to the NY Daily News.