Draymond Should Be Forced To Give Back His DPOY Trophy For This Outfit

  • Rick Chandler

Here he is: Defensive Player of the Year Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors. What a superb season he had, and as we pan down on him on the red carpet earlier today, we … oh holy hell. That took a very disturbing turn from the waist down. Is it too late to give the trophy to Rudy Gobert?

Well there I am again judging a man by the way he dresses. Bad on me, I suppose, but in my defense no one warned me that crazy things were happening here below the belt.

What, no pantyhose?

Anyway it’s the first time a Warrior has ever won Defensive Player of the Year, which is not surprising since the award was only invented in 1983. That means all-time defensive greats such as Al Attles and Nate Thurmond never got a shot at it.

Instead it debuted just before the Don Nelson eras at Golden State — and Nelson was so disinterested in defense that he refused to be bothered with it, becoming the only head coach to have two separate huddles during timeouts (one with defensive coach Keith Smart).

No player was more important to a team on the defensive side of the floor than Green, even though Utah’s Gobert may have had better raw numbers. Green was runner-up for the award in both of the past two seasons.

Green also had the audacity to mock Drake’s outfit on Snapchat.