According To A Times Square Drug Store, Linsanity Is Only 50 Percent Of What It Used To Be

  • Eric Goldschein

There has been a lot of debate over whether Linsanity is dead. A combination of a tougher schedule, a larger rotation (made even larger by the fact that Carmelo Anthony has the ego of three players and recently gorged himself on Mike D’Antoni’s soul), and D’Antoni’s resignation has resulted in a subsiding of the hysteria that once graced Time Magazine covers. But just how far has Linsanity fallen? According to the Duane Reade in Times Square: about 50 percent. Get your peel and stick tattoos now!

Suffice to say, the thrill is sort of gone. And though the Duane Reade in Times Square is hardly an accurate economic or sports-hype indicator, the Mike Woodson era may prove to be the death knell for the movement that made people literally jump out of their chairs while watching a Knicks game for the first time in years. I saw it with my own eyes: grown men acting like children, leaping to their feet, pumping their fists and screaming “Lin!” And now those same man-children can buy face tattoos and pennants to put on their ceilings at half price, so, hooray, maybe?

[Photos via BuzzFeed]