Dear Dwayne Wade: Don’t Let Your Kids Drink All This Gatorade

  • Eric Goldschein

Dwayne Wade recently Instagram’d a photo of the Gatorade machine that the company likely gives him for appearing in their commercials getting dunked on.

His description: “Just came home to a packed #gatorade machine..I give it 2weeks b4 we need a refill..#kidsdrinkupeverything”

An adorable thought. But seriously, Dwayne: Unless your kids are also sweating like you do in the fourth quarter, don’t let them drink all this stuff. There’s like 14 teaspoons of sugar in a bottle. Give ’em water! You don’t want them ending up like Terrell Brown, do you?

Also, why no fruit punch Gatorade? Does Gatorade not even like fruit punch Gatorade? Does Wade not like fruit punch Gatorade? So many questions.

[Larry Brown Sports]