The Beef Goes On: Dwight Howard Does His Best Charles Barkley Impression, Makes Sure To Take Dig At Shaq

  • Tom Lorenzo

Prior to the start of tonight’s game between the Chicago Bulls and the Orlando Magic, Dwight Howard met with the media to give his scouting report of Derrick Rose in the most entertaining way possible. He first dropped a little Charles Barkley impression, which was OK, but he then took the opportunity to get a dig in on Shaq. Oh, he went there.

There’s long been this growing “beef” between Shaq and Howard, stemming from, well, a ridiculous feud over who the real superman is. Clark Kent, fellas. Beef over? No? Great.

With Shaq taking his talents to the TNT studios this season he’s had a few opportunities to burn Dwight, namely the somewhat head-scratching moment when he called Andrew Bynum the best center in the NBA. What’s beef? Beef is when you disrespect the man who is actually the best center in the NBA. Well, here’s Dwight’s revenge. Sort of. Watch:

Dwight Howard Does Charles Barkley, Shaq Impression as He Talks Derrick Rose:

Well-done, Dwight. You nailed both of those impressions, while at the same time you were able to lob a tiny grenade Shaq’s way. And the beef goes on.

[via SB Nation]