Dwight Howard’s “Larger Than Life” All-Star Party Promises Models, Opulence

  • Glenn Davis

If there’s one thing I assume rich people like to do, it’s throw extravagant parties. Hey, you’re rich – why not? And when you see things like LeBron’s PowerPoint presentation to try to attract sponsors for his birthday bash, and then his birthday cake, it doesn’t do much to debunk that idea. It’s safe to say, then, that Dwight Howard’s All-Star Weekend party, called “Larger Than Life,” (warning: somewhat NSFW and music automatically plays if you click) reinforced this perception even further.

It’s held at “The Largest Club in Hollywood” (the Highlands). It promises Howard and his “celebrity friends” (who apparently include NFL players like Willis McGahee and Antonio Cromartie). It promises “Hollywood’s Sexiest Models,” including “Playmates/Video Vixens/Magazine Models.” And the ticket prices. Oh, those ticket prices. Currently the event is advertising an “awesome discounted ticket rate” of $70 for an early bird ticket. A general admission ticket is $100. A VIP ticket is $125. Then, things start skyrocketing.

The Silver Package (four tickets, one “premium bottle” of liquor, one bottle of champagne) runs you $1,200. Things escalate yet more until we have numbers like $10,000 for the MVP Package (25 tickets, eight bottles of liquor, two champagne bottles – you get the idea at this point), $15,000 for the Hall of Fame Package, and finally, $20,000 for the Dwight Howard Larger Than Life Package (which appeared before to be sold out, but now it looks like they’re selling tickets again, so if you and 39 friends have $20,000 to blow between you…you know, think about it).

Yet for all these huge numbers and all this hype, Howard’s sales pitch is one of the least larger-than-life things I’ve ever seen:

He could have at least had the Superman cape on, or something.

[h/t Business Insider]

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