Dominant Dwight Howard Blocks Kenneth Faried, Showcases Beyond-Reproach Defensive Skills

  • Glenn Davis

Boy, that Dwight Howard is something on defense, isn’t he? He’s been the league’s leading defensive rebounder five times (and been the overall rebounding champ six), led the league in blocked shots twice, thrice been the Defensive Player of the Year – yessir, if you need someone to anchor the paint and take away your opponent’s inside game, this is your guy!

Now, I know what you’re thinkin’: “Glenn, what’s in the water ’round your parts? Don’tcha know these Lakers have been a disaster for most of the year? What good has Howard done this group?” Well, sure – I’ve watched the same Lakers team you have. I know the results haven’t always been there. But let me show you a play from last night – a play that shows just what kind of player Howard can be. Kenneth Faried was going up to the basket. Good player, right? A guy who can really hurt you if he gets the ball close to the basket, right? Well, Dwight was having none of it, lemme tell you:

Poor Faried never had a chance. You think anyone wants to come across that under the basket? I think not! I dare you – find just one reason to critique Howard’s performance last night, now that I’ve shown you what he really did. Bet you can’t – what’s that? Got somethin’ for me? OK, fine, let’s see it:

…Oh. Still – just one play, right? Not like the Nuggets getting easy dunks was a pattern, right?

Oh. Well… how ’bout offense? No way they could contain him on that end/get the better of him by simply outworking him to a comical degree, right?

Is Robert Sacre any good?