Dwight Howard Politely Claps Back At Kareem Abdul-Jabbar In Instagram Comments

Dwight Howard Politely Claps Back At Kareem Abdul-Jabbar In Instagram Comments
  • Jake O'Donnell

Dwight Howard hasn’t been the same since he left Orlando in 2012, and there are probably a lot of reasons for that that are out of his control. Namely, his back — it’s hard to be a dominant seven-footer when you can barely bend over. But the juicier take has had to do with his will. Simply, Dwight Howard doesn’t really give a shit about being great at basketball. Of course, this is impossible to know for certain from a fan’s perspective (though Dwight is known as one of the more dedicated workout freaks in the league), so when another player or coach critique him to the media, it’s news, because everyone wants to know the answer.

Does Dwight Howard care?

According to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the answer would appear to be “no.” According to Dwight Howard, who responded to Jabbar’s comments in the comments section of an Instagram post, Kareem’s the one with the attitude issues.

Here’s the post from SB Nation’s Bleeding Purple and Gold Lakers blog, which quotes their interview with the NBA’s all-time scoring leader…

And here’s Dwight Howard’s rebuttal…

dwighthoward@ryanwardla I know it’s his words. But you could have checked both sources before reporting it. I understand your doing your job. Dude don’t have to lie tho. As soon as I was traded to Lakers. First person I sat with was dude. Wanting to work out. Go look back at my post. I posted a pic with him and myself at a hotel. But if a team says stay away. I did what u was asked.

Oh, and here’s proof that Dwight actually said this…

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 10.02.51 AM

This isn’t the first time Kareem has gone public with his distaste for Howard’s mindset, as he previously criticized him for leaving L.A. in 2013, saying, “Potential has a shelf life.” This also isn’t the first time Dwight has responded rather politely, which makes Kareem kinda/sorta look like a dick. But hey, whether he puts the effort in on the court or not, at least we know Dwight’s still heavily invested in defending himself off it.

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