There’s No Need To Bash Dwight Howard For Smiling After Losing Last Night

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The Lakers lost to the Clippers last night, because being the Lakers is suddenly a bad thing. They are clearly the worst team in Los Angeles. Being the Lakers is normally a good thing in the Lakers-Clippers rivalry, so winning enthusiast Kobe Bryant is upset:

“I’m not happy right now and hopefully my teammates feel the same way,” Bryant said. “You have to reflect on how important this is to you and what it means to you.”

Without calling anyone out, he added: “After we lose by 20 or 30 points, we definitely can’t be laughing and joking around.”

And, look! Dwight Howard is smiling in that screengrab above! Everyone: freak out!

OK, now that you’ve freaked out, let us tell you: this isn’t actually a big deal. Kobe was obviously upset, but he wasn’t necessarily talking about Dwight. Check out the postgame handshake.

It looks like Jamal Crawford said something amusing, and Dwight Howard smiled. You know, Dwight, you can be our 12th man, if you’d like! Or something like that. Just some playful joshing.

Now, Kobe obviously wouldn’t smile even if Ted Vagina had shaken his hand, but Kobe is a self-admitted lunatic. Dwight also seemed solemn enough in the postgame interview, so he deserves to get off easy, for once. There are so many things to call out Dwight Howard on. This shouldn’t be one of them.

But seriously, #FreeSacre.

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