Dwight Howard Vs. David Lee: Who Ya Got?

  • Dylan Murphy

During the Golden State Warriors’ victory over the Los Angeles Lakers last night, Dwight Howard and David Lee got into a bit of a tiff. There was an elbow and a Dwight Howard bloody lip and three (!) stitches, and then post-game huffing and vows of mild mannered revenge. Friendship is only a matter of time.

This is nothing new for Lee, who is somewhat of a prickly instigator himself – he got into it with Roy Hibbert and also not-so-accidentally decked LeBron earlier this year. None of it ever amounted to a reputation or serious fisticuffs – the NBA is a non-contact league, after all – and so we thought we’d preview the fight that won’t be: Dwight Howard vs. David Lee.

David Lee

Height: 6-9
Weight: 240
Reach: White basketball fans
Special Power: Defense
Catch Phrase: “You can’t have it both ways
Coaches Fired: 0
Finishing Move: The People’s (Infectious) Elbow
Photos With Snooki: 1!

Dwight Howard

Height: 6-11
Weight: 265
Reach: None
Special Power: Free throws
Catch Phrase: “Your mama hate me, too. She liked me last night!
Coaches fired: 1!
Finishing move: Kiss of death
Photos with Snooki: 0

So, who ya got?

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