Dwight Howard Has Decided… To Be An Asshole (UPDATE: Or Someone Else Is The Asshole?)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Dwight Howard Rockets

On Wednesday, we gave you the odds of Dwight Howard signing with the Lakers, Rockets, Warriors, Hawks and Mavs. Dwight has made his decision.

As you can see, he’s decided to be an asshole, possibly even more so that LeBron in “The Decision,” especially when you consider the fact that D12 had the LeBron debacle to learn from, yet he still decided to be a pompous ass.

On Sunday, I will announce which testicle I’d like Dwight to choke on. The smart money is on my right.


So, perhaps Janis Carr is the asshole. Or me, for jumping the gun. (It’s probably still Dwight.)