VIDEO: Dwyane Wade’s Cabbage Patch Dance Not Enough To Spur Heat To Victory

  • Glenn Davis

The Miami Heat’s impressive three-game winning streak came to a halt today at the hands of the Oklahoma City Thunder, who dispatched them 96-85 (in Miami, no less). Miami’s Big Three struggled, shooting just 21-59 combined…and let’s face it, that number sums up why the Heat lost.

That’s not to say the trio didn’t have its moments, though. Specifically, Dwyane Wade threw down a tremendous slam as the Heat mounted a second-quarter comeback…but it was his celebration that really got people paying attention:

Yes, that is the cabbage patch. Yes, that is listed here under the category “’80s dances.” We’re pretty sure, though, that getting the likes of D-Wade to perform the dance could potentially result in it making a comeback. If only the Heat had won tonight, he might have started treating it like a good luck charm.