You Might Think Dwyane Wade Is Dead After Watching This Mega-Flop Vs. James Harden

  • Eric Goldschein

The Rockets beat the Heat last night 106-103, partially because they were able to hold LeBron James well under his previous game-high of 61 points. Unfortunately, the Heat lost more than just the game — it appears that their (sometimes, when he’s not injured) starting shooting guard Dwyane “Three” Wade was killed last night by James Harden.

Yes, it was a most tragic accident, as Harden got Wade to bite on a fake and took off past him, perhaps accidentally grazing Wade’s nose, cheek or throat with his finger tips as he dribbled by. It’s also possible that the air near Harden’s fingers was hot enough to cook Wade’s brain, sending him stumbling to the floor and ostensibly to his death.

Here’s the GIF, via @_MarcusD_:

R.I.P. Dwyane Wade, age 32. You still had so much life, Dwyane. Sorry to see you go. Harden was called for a foul on this play, which is the least that could have been done considering the circumstances.

Will the NBA assign a posthumous Medal of Honor, or perhaps a fine for flopping, to Wade’s memory? We’ll have to wait and see.