This Pickup Game With Random Kids Is More Evidence That Dwyane Wade Is The Coolest Guy In The NBA

  • Glenn Davis

Maybe he didn’t always appear destined for it, but Dwyane Wade grew up to be just about the coolest guy in the NBA. He’s one of the biggest stars in one of the league’s most prominent markets. He’s as fashionable as anyone in the league. And most importantly, he’s been one of the league’s top players for years. He’s the type of guy who’d attract a crowd pretty much wherever he went. So if you were a kid shooting some hoops on a playground in New York City and he showed up to play with you out of nowhere, you’d pretty much freak out:

As you can see, all of Wade’s coolness is on display here. The impeccable attire. The “They might not let me play” line. (Didn’t look like he had to plead too much to get in on the action.) The smooth way he interacted with the kids – and how just by showing up, he allowed them to do probably one of the coolest things they’ll ever do. It’s probably a little scary sometimes to have that kind of power, but this? This was using that power purely for good. “Why is Dwyane Wade in SoHo?” it sounds like someone asks at the 36-second mark. With some things, though, it’s better not to question too much, and just let them play out in all their cool, cool glory.

[h/t Alex]