Dwyane Wade On Free Agent Meeting With Nets In 2010: “Jay-Z Wasn’t There”

  • Dylan Murphy

Via Joseph Goodman of the Miami Herald:

Aww, poor baby. Stupid LeBron got Jay-Z’s attention, and that’s just not fair. No one ever quite bought the whole Wade-LeBron cooperation thing – there was no way in hell Wade was just going to step aside and hand over the reins to the best player on the planet while watching his statistics plummet. And so they fought for control for two years, that is until Wade’s piss poor play in last year’s playoffs gave way to a natural hierarchy: LeBron James, everyone else.

“Jay-Z wasn’t there.” Fine, but Mikhail Prokhorov was. And he transports prostitutes internationally, jet skis like a crazy person and self-polices his behavior. It doesn’t get much more captivating than that.

There was never any actual danger of Wade defecting to New Jersey in 2010, but clearly a part of him wanted to enjoy the novelty of one of the world’s biggest stars pitching him. Talk about a power trip right there. But Jay-Z out-power moved him by not showing up, leaving Wade to bitch and moan two years later and stew in his own corner of self-pity.

So where does this all come from? The Brooklyn Nets travel to Florida to take on the Miami Heat tonight, but it remains to be seen whether Jay-Z will be there. We hope he’s absent.