Before Destroying The Pacers, Dwyane Wade Blew Up The Internet With These Pants

  • Glenn Davis

Dwyane Wade is not only one of the NBA’s best players – he’s one of the most stylish. The former is proved by his Hall-of-Fame-worthy track record on the court, while the latter is proved by outfits like this. And this. And this, for that matter. Last night, he proved both – the “great player” thing by dropping 41 points on the Pacers in a clinching Game 6 win, and the “fashionable” aspect by wearing these:

A daring fashion choice, to be sure (and a quintessentially Miami one, at that). But was it a good one? Wade’s sense of style rarely lets him down, so we turned to some people more fashionable than us to get their take – specifically, managing editor Julia Rubin and associate editor Jada Wong of our sister site Styleite. And good news, D-Wade – here was Julia’s gut reaction (like our Heat-related discussions with Geekosystem editor James Plafke, they took place over Gchat, and the occasional minor typos that are an inevitable result of Gchat conversations have been corrected):

Julia: love the pants, he can pull em off

Score one for loud attire. In not-so-good news, though:

dont like the bandana situation on his wrist

In fairness, most people probably didn’t even notice the bandana in light of those pants (and these shoes, to boot). But again, we wanted a second opinion, too. And Jada’s initial reaction was… a little different:

Jada: LOL

After calming down a bit, she elaborated:


But all the laughter wasn’t for the reason you might think:

Jada: he shouldnt wear those at all …
the color is fine, i’m ok with dudes wearing colored bottoms
but they’re just too high on him.. like, the rise is too high

So there you have it… Dwyane Wade can get away with wearing pants of that color. Makes us wonder: is his stylish reputation due more to impeccable fashion sense, or an innate ability to somehow pull off just about any look, no matter how ridiculous it might look on most people?